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Investment Team

Blackford Capital represents the personal capital and talent of successful business executives and entrepreneurs, most of whom lead, advise, or serve on the Boards of Fortune 500 companies. We invest in companies that we can grow through an investment of our capital, time, and expertise. For the companies we acquire, Blackford Capital offers the chance to grow in value under the leadership of some of the nation's most successful business leaders.

Managing Directors Martin Stein
Jeff Helminski
  Jack Kolodny Greg Stone
Analysts Jono Castleton Max Maodush-Pitzer
  Joseph Presutti Jonathan Nesburg
  Jack Iott Patrick Robey
  Edson Ramirez Thomas Schumar
  Miles Kuperus Edward Zukowski
Administration Kimberly Beute Andrea Wood
Anne Bentz
Cheyenne Sampson
Operating Partners Matt Arnold Bruce Merrick
Bill Boer Larry Miller
Bretton Bolt Kathy Nagy
  Steve Boord Dan Nathanson
  Tom Carroll David Neideffer
  Joel Carter Sam Nicholas
  Michael Halpin Terry O'Rourke
  Tim Haney Al Palles
  Geoff Lieberthal Kris Robbins
  Thomas Lozser Terence Scheckter
  Terry Lynner Sven Wehrwein
  Kevin McCrone  
  Managing Directors
  Operating Partners


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