Operating Partners & Board Members

Blackford Capital establishes an independent board of advisors at each of its portfolio companies comprised of industry veterans to assist the management team in creating value for investors.

Jeff Johnson – Chairman

Tom Carroll – Director

Darren Frankel – Director

Thomas Lozser – Director

Sally Brandtneris – Director

Dr. Joyce deJong – Director

Jay Troger – Director

Carmen Evola – Chairman

Tom Saeli – Director

Jason Burt – Director





Jeff Johnson – Chairman

John Buchan – Director

Tom Saeli – Director

Donny DeMarie – Director

Rick Gillette – Director

Wayne Visbeen – Director

Carmen Evola – Chairman

Laurie Harbour – Director

Larry Denton – Director

Tom DiDonato – Director

Tom McMillen – Director

Martin Stein – Chairman

Heidi Modaro – Director

Jeff Lambert – Director

Jeff Rosenthall – Director

Rich Krause – Director

Sherika Ekpo – Director

Tom Saeli – Director

Chuck Bennett – Chairman

Jerry Armstrong – Director

John Buchan – Director

Larry Miller – Director

Martin Stein – Chairman

Catherine Cummings – Director

Jim Kaufman – Director

Seth Oliver – Director

Bob Schmidt – Director

Scott Klug – Director

Randy Shumway – Director

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