At Blackford Capital we have a deep appreciation for family- and founder-owned businesses. We care about the customers, employees, and communities of the businesses we acquire. Fundamental to our success is a recognition of the importance of preserving what makes a company great and the reputation of the company you’ve built, and we are sensitive to how we handle ownership transitions. 

If they choose, we encourage business owners to remain actively involved with managing their companies and maintain a meaningful ownership stake.  Blackford Capital provides strategic support throughout the entire partnership; we align naturally with management teams in executing your growth plans because we maintain a long-term interest in building companies the “right way” and creating value.  Additionally, Blackford provides each portfolio company a Board of Directors with a broad and diverse set of experiences who understand the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurial companies.  We are committed to providing value-added expertise to our portfolio companies to drive success.


Blackford Capital is always seeking to partner with exceptional manufacturing, industrial and distribution companies that fit our investment criteria:


Revenues between $20-$200 million

EBITDA between $3-$20 million

Please direct inquiries to Jeff Johnson.

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