Blackford Capital has developed a disciplined investment focus designed to generate superior returns for it’s Limited Partners.

Strategic Focus

As we evaluate an opportunity, Blackford develops

a growth and operations strategy prior to close.

We leverage our proven track record

of success and our extensive network of operating

partners to hit the ground running and drive

value within each investment.

Market Focus

Revenues of $20 – 200 million

EBITDA of $3 – 20 million

This segment of the market offers a niche

investment area for Blackford, and allows us to focus

on industries and businesses where we

maintain a competitive advantage.

Investment Criteria

Stable cash flows

Proven profitability

Family- and founder-owned businesses

Management teams needing additional capital and expertise

Target Industries




Consumer Products

Transaction Type

Majority control

Opportunity for added value

Optimized capital structure

Know a company that fits our criteria?