Since 2010, Blackford Capital has been a private equity investment firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan that acquires, manages, and builds lower middle market manufacturing, industrial, and distribution companies. With over $650 million in transaction value and 34 acquisitions, we pride ourselves on our long history of value creation for our investors and management teams.

Blackford distinguishes itself from other private equity firms by its extensive deal sourcing process, disciplined investment criteria and rigorous business model reconfiguration. We also have a relentless approach to equity value creation through our focus on operational excellence and tracking of key metrics to support our growth initiatives.

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At Blackford Capital, we care about the customers, employees, and the communities of the companies we acquire. Our approach is built on seeking out unique attributes to maximize the value of your business and continue its legacy.

Dedicated to Growth

We are committed to provide our expertise in management teams, networks, and financial plans for growth in each of our portfolio companies. We value the importance of supporting both the local and national economy, and focus on creating jobs in the communities that our companies call home.

Provide Opportunities

We are quick to provide new opportunities for expansion and are dedicated to working together to strengthen management process, attract new customers, and capitalize on business growth and development.

Results Driven

We are a firm that works together with shared values to achieve common goals, create long-term partnerships, and deliver results. We are motivated for our clients and driven by their metrics of success, and share a common goal to grow together.


Blackford Capital’s team combines new perspectives and creative approaches to develop sustainable and profitable businesses. We build trust with our clients through our industry expertise and innovative ideas – we know your business and what it takes for it to reach its full potential. For our portfolio companies, Blackford Capital provides the chance to grow under the management of some of the nation’s most successful leaders who have the vision and commitment to successfully grow their business.

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