People, Planet, Prosperity 

We recognize that businesses hold an important role in shaping both their communities and environment. That’s why we consider a company’s environmental, social and governance performance (ESG) before acquisition, and encourage the continual growth of that performance throughout our ownership.
We commit to a dialogue within our management team and company leaders to continually push toward our goals of diversity, sustainability and growth throughout every transaction to support a triple bottom line of People, Planet & Prosperity.


When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we can make positive changes for ourselves, our companies, and our community through a shift in mindset toward recruiting and developing talent. We know that representation within our companies brings additional perspectives, which improves company and stakeholder results.

We understand that maintaining inclusive recruitment, engagement and investment practices throughout our own firm and our companies is a continuous process. And, we are committed to examining, reevaluating and revising our processes as often as necessary to fold in new ideas and best practices.


Blackford requires assessment and target-setting for sustainability practices as part of annual strategic planning for each of our portfolio companies. We have found that the innovations that reduce waste and greenhouse emissions often also yield greater efficiency and stronger financial performance. What’s more, customers across all markets have increasing expectations for environmental measurement and performance. We believe the practice of measurement and continuous improvement is not only the right thing to do but is also critical to competition and growing value.

Prosperity for our Community

Our business model centers around respecting and upholding the legacies of our portfolio companies. When we add a company to our portfolio, we do so with the goal of creating prosperity for more than just shareholders – customers, employees and communities should all benefit from an organization’s healthy growth.

Ultimately, our investors and partners enjoy knowing that, in addition to growing personal wealth, they are also building businesses that help make our local and national economy stronger and creating jobs in the communities that our companies call home.

About Blackford

Blackford Capital is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based private equity investment firm that acquires, manages and builds value in lower middle market manufacturing, distribution and consumer product companies.