Firm Overview

Our Purpose

To create sustainable businesses that honor the legacy of the owner or founder and create a financial return for investors that secures their freedom to live the life they have imagined for themselves, their family and the communities they support.

Blackford Capital is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based private equity investment firm that acquires, manages and builds value in lower middle market manufacturing, distribution and consumer product companies. Founded in 2010, we have an established history of value creation for our investors and management teams.

What We Do

Blackford acquires established, successful companies and helps them reach even higher levels of customer success, profitability and business value. We work with our acquisitions to strengthen management processes, attract new customers and capitalize on business growth and development.

Established in 2010

Martin Stein founded Blackford Capital in 2010 after nearly 15 years in leadership and business consulting positions. He used his experience in the private equity industry to build a company and a team that prioritizes communities, the environment and all of its stakeholders. Since the beginning, the Blackford team has established a history of value creation and sustainable practices for dozens of businesses nationwide.

Our Values


Long Term Relationships

We build partnerships through trust, respect and credibility to yield steady deal flow, attract top talent and improve stakeholder engagement.


Predictable & Dependable

We are a team of problem solvers who get things done and meet our commitments to every stakeholder and employee.



We hold ourselves accountable and show our clear advantage by engaging in regular communication and being transparent about our objectives and actions.


Disciplined Ambition

We expect the best, and we achieve successful results for our portfolio companies, investors and employees through disciplined controls and processes.



We are willing to put in the time necessary to meet the high standard of excellence we hold for all of our companies and investors, and overcome any obstacle in our way.

Our Team is Committed to Excellence

We choose our team members based on their expertise, commitment, discipline and character. Everyone on our team knows the values that make Blackford Capital great, and we are all committed to maintaining this standard of excellence.