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Steve Parker is an accomplished business executive offering diverse experience leading both domestic and international organizations. He has a proven record of leadership in the areas of sales, marketing, manufacturing, financial management, mergers, acquisitions, and strategic planning. He has been recognized for having a talent for increasing revenue and market share through customer development, new sales channels, and new products/markets. He has practiced a participative, yet decisive, management style and is a concise communicator cited for developing key global contacts.


Steve is experienced in leading strategic planning and executing actions for both domestic and international emerging and mature product I markets. This includes the creation of competitive profiles and likely decision patterns. Additionally, he led the implementation of a matrix tool that quantifies costs and product performance competitors and then using it to build competitive strategies.

His operational experience includes full profit/ loss management of businesses in North America, The United Kingdom and China. As part of this responsibility he led the management of worldwide material sourcing initiatives. He led his team in the decision to close operations in Shanghai, China and relocating the entire operation to headquarter plant in Michigan, resulting in a lower overall product / distribution cost and improved customer service. In the 1990’s he led responsible for the construction of a 300,000 sq. ft. Greenfield manufacturing / distribution facility.

He has 35+ years of leading worldwide sales and marketing organizations. This includes selling raw materials, components and finished good products through direct and independent sales organization in cities such as New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Brussels and Shanghai.



BBA/MBA Western Michigan University


Affiliations & Commuitiy Service

  • Progressive AE, Board of Directors
  • Blackford Capital, Advisor / Operating partner
  • Grand Transformer, Inc. , Board of directors
  • Muskegon Promise Scholarship Program, Chairman of Board of Directors
  • Muskegon Heights School Board, Treasurer
  • Jandernoa Entrepreneurial Mentoring, Mentor
  • Muskegon Opportunity, Executive Board member
  • Western Michigan University Haworth
  • College of Business, Advisory Board, past Chairman

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