Upcoming Webinar: How Does a Leader Lead Now?

How Does a Leader Lead Now,

when the principles still apply but the techniques are changing

Join Us for a Free Webinar Thursday, March 23rd from 12-1pm

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People’s expectations of hours of work, compensation, work-life balance and other social matters have fundamentally changed post-Covid. As a result, the tasks of leaders must also change.

Leaders and managers need to instill a vision and strategy, build a team, direct work, communicate effectively, develop people and drive continuous improvement. But most importantly, leaders need to encourage their people to take ownership of their own self-development, while supporting them in becoming their best selves.

Our upcoming webinar “How Does a Leader Lead Now” will cover these subjects and more, including questions like:

  • What are the traits of effective business leaderships in this time of evolving work expectations?
  • Are work and work hours now designed around individual contribution and less around teams?
  • Can leaders effectively communicate, direct and coach team members, ensure participation and keep teams motivated, if they don’t see them in-person?
  • What are the best leaders doing to build motivation, engagement and commitment of team members?

Expert Panelists

Dr. Tracy Brower

VP of Workplace Insights

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Tom DiDonato

SVP and CAO (retired)
Lear Corporation

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Rodger Price

Owner & Managing Partner
Leading by DESIGN

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Webinar Moderator

Paul Doyle Headshot

Paul Doyle is an Operating Partner at Blackford Capital. Paul brings with him more than 30 years of diverse business experience, including 20 years as a CEO leading manufacturing and leadership development companies. Paul has been active in North America with companies ranging from $20 million to $300 million in revenue

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