Upcoming Webinar: Why Does Everything Cost So Much?

A strategic assessment of the current business and economic environment

November 15th from 12 – 1 p.m

Accelerating price increases continue to shock consumers and businesses as the global inflation rate reaches heights not seen in over a decade. Join us for the next webinar in our Big Ideas series Why Does Everything Cost So Much? for a strategic assessment of the current business and economic environment.

We’re partnering with Corp! Magazine to dive into the current national and global inflation and interest rates, and proven success strategies used by companies in inflationary times. Joining us will be panelists Michelle Krebs, an executive analyst for Cox Automotive, Ricky Volpe, an expert in agricultural and resource economics and professor at Cal Poly, and Scott Brave, head of economic analytics at the Morning Consult.

We’ll cover analytics-driven strategies for dealing with inflation including:

  • Making changes to the product portfolio
  • Repositioning the brand
  • Revamping the pricing model

Meet the Speakers

Martin Stein

Founder and Managing Director, Blackford Capital

Webinar Facilitator

Michelle Krebs

Executive Analyst, Cox Automotive

Webinar Panelist

Ricky Volpe

Agricultural Economist, Cal Poly

Webinar Panelist

Scott Brave

Head of Economic Analytics, The Morning Consult

Webinar Panelist

Join us for our presentation on Thursday, November 15th from 12-1 pm EST!

About Blackford Webinars

This upcoming webinar is the second discussion in our Big Ideas series, a collection of webinars we’re creating with Corp! Magazine to cover pressing topics in the business world. “Our goal is to find the number one topic in business for the quarter and bring together great thinkers with stimulating ideas to debate what it means, why it matters, and what to do about it,” says founder and managing director Martin Stein.

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