Webinar Recap: How Does a Leader Lead Now?

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How Does a Leader Lead Now,

when the principles still apply but the techniques are changing

People’s expectations of hours of work, compensation, work-life balance and other social matters have fundamentally changed post-Covid. As a result, the tasks of leaders must also change.

Leaders and managers need to instill a vision and strategy, build a team, direct work, communicate effectively, develop people and drive continuous improvement. But most importantly, leaders need to encourage their people to take ownership of their own self-development, while supporting them in becoming their best selves.

Key Highlights & Takeaways

“A lot of the takeaway message of this conversation is intentionality. Like there are absolutely things we can do brilliantly from home or a remote location. There are absolutely things we can do brilliantly, more brilliantly, in person. And I really think a big part of this is a consciousness about our work. Like what is the nature of the work that we’re doing? What is the nature of our personal work, style and preferences and what we need? What is the nature of the needs of the team and the organization, and how can we be planful and intentional about when we’re together, about when we’re face to face, and about when we’re not.”

Dr. Tracy Brower
VP of Workplace Insights, Steelcase
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“Development is the hallmark of any great company. And if you do a survey and you ask people how they feel and I’ve never seen anything different. The top two items will always be communication. More communication and development compensation will be in there, but it rarely leads. It’s always more communication, more development. So development is always going to be at the forefront of any, you know, great company. I think when people are full time remote, like software engineers or people like that think there’s certain development things that can happen. In my opinion, if you want to have really dynamic development, typically that happens in person. People feed off of that.”

Tom DiDonato
SVP and CAO (retired), Lear Corporation
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“I would say it’s more a matter of the heart than it is a matter of geography. Now, geography might make it tougher, but if you have a heart of I am here and we might get into servant leadership, but if I’m here to serve you, that’s what I’m saying. We have more tools than ever, but we have to be driven by ‘What can I do to help you?’ Say, how can I help them today? And that’s a matter of the heart.”

Rodger Price
Owner & Managing Partner, Leading by DESIGN
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Webinar Moderator

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Paul Doyle is an Operating Partner at Blackford Capital. Paul brings with him more than 30 years of diverse business experience, including 20 years as a CEO leading manufacturing and leadership development companies. Paul has been active in North America with companies ranging from $20 million to $300 million in revenue

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