Commit Your Company To Hypergrowth, And It Will Happen

Backed by investor confidence relative to public markets, private equity assets have been gaining on hedge funds over the past decade and are projected to overtake them with a $2 trillion growth surge during the next five years. Firms hoping to hop aboard the private equity hypergrowth train need several factors pointing in their favor, starting with a willing leadership committed to properly executing all of the right moves.

Check out this article by Blackford Founder Martin Stein. Read the article on Seeking Alpha:

Martin Stein Headshot

Martin Stein is the Founder and Managing Director of Blackford Capital. With more than 18 years of private equity experience, Martin leads the firm’s acquisition sourcing activities and has served on the boards of 15 of the firm’s platform portfolio companies. Additionally, he has served as the Chairman of the board for 9 of the firm’s platform investments.